Pulse8 FAQ's

Frequently asked questions

We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions below. Alternatively, please use the Live Chat link for quick answers to any of your questions.

We recommend you opt for our preconfigured Router with Wi-Fi Mesh system, which is available as an optional extra on the product details page.

You can use any compatible router with our service as long as it is not locked down to a specific service provider. As a rule routers from Sky, BT & PlusNet are not compatible as they are locked down, so please contact us if you are un-sure and we’ll check for you. Pulse8 support for configuration of 3rd Party routers is not supported, so please contact your router manufacturer.

Wi-Fi speeds can decrease dramatically if you are too far away from the router.

They can also be affected by other Wi-Fi devices interfering with your Wi-Fi connection, so try moving closer to the Wi-Fi router or access point, and try changing your Wi-Fi channel (call us for help).

Alternatively it might pay to invest in a new router like the Zyxel DX3301-TO router which we provide, it’s Open Reach approved and has super fast 5GHZ Wireless AC coverage.

Yes, we are able to offer Fixed IP on ADSL, FTTC and FTTP products. There is normally an additional monthly fee of £2 per month for the Fixed IP, which you will find as an optional selection on the relevant product detail page.

In most cases we can provide a Simultaneous provide which means that the line and Fibre are moved over to us on the same day. To proceed fill in the online order form or contact us if you have any questions.

At the end of your minimum contract term chosen, you will simply roll on to our month-by-month arrangement.

If you opted for a router and/or Wi-Fi mesh lease and continue with your monthly payments after the contract expiry, your router and Mesh Wi-Fi will continue to be covered under warranty and will be replaced free of charge if faulty.

Yes we do, however we would normally only recommend this for customers who have previously had a new VDSL faceplate fitted via a previous OpenReach engineer visit. To order a self-install select the self-install option during the order process.

Yes, we provide broadband, fibre and line rental across the U.K., and Northern Ireland with the exception of Southern Ireland.

This probably means that the Wi-Fi router or access point that you are connected to is having a problem connecting to the internet. Try leaving your router off for 20 minutes, switch back on and wait for a further 5 minutes and if you are still unable to get online please call us for help.

Free Phone: 0800 0428888 e-mail: support@pulse8.co.uk
Post: Pulse8 Communications, 4 St. Bartholomews Road, Ogwell, Devon. TQ12 6GP

All the lines we provide are supported by us and serviced by Openreach.
If you have a problem you just email support@pulse8.co.uk or call 0800 0428888 and we’ll deal with everything on your behalf with no call centres or queues.

We are open weekdays Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:30pm but we do monitor calls and emails received out of hours and over the weekend.

We don’t currently supply SoGea or SoGFast broadband services, but it is in the pipeline for Q1 2024

Yes, with the exception of Leased Line, EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and Mobile phone contracts (via O2 & EE), everything we supply is available on a standard rolling 30 day contract. We charge monthly in advance for all our services, the monthly charge is non-refundable unless you are upgrading or adjusting the existing service with us. We do also offer fixed term contracts of 6, 12 and 18 and 24 months on a number of our packages.

Yes, all broadband speed regrade requests are subject to a one off administration fee of £15.

Sometimes cabinets go live but Openreach do not have all of the components in place to provide fibre or are rolling out Fibre in stages. If you continue to check our website or refer back to the Openreach where and when you should find that it will be updated soon.

For more detailed information you can use the following site which shows more information about the cabinet that your line is connected to:
BT Wholesale Site

As most of our customers tend to use mobile phones to make calls we find that it’s much fairer to charge on a what you’ve used basis rather than charging a set fee for unlimited evening and weekend calls. We only charge by the second and do not round calls up or charge any connection fees.

You no longer need a MAC code but we do recommend calling your existing telephone or broadband provider to make sure they know that you are leaving, this avoids them cancelling your migration over to us, and gives you the opportunity to make sure you are not still in contract with them as you may incur charges if you are.

When you call them make sure you tell them that you intend to migrate away to another provider. Do NOT use words like “Cease”, “Cancel” or “I wish to close my account” as this avoids them switching you off.

The 300Mbps refers to your internal Wi-Fi link speed between your device and the router. It is different from the actual internet speed which we can supply to you.

You can check your estimated broadband speeds on at Pulse8 Broadband or refer to your activation email which we would have sent before your current service went live. For a better understanding of how line length can affects speeds visit our Speed Guide

In nearly all cases you can keep your number. We have only encountered problems taking over Virgin or Sky telephone numbers, but we do always check that we can take over your number before proceeding.

You are also free to take your number with you if you decide to move away to another telephone provider.

Outside of any agreed minimum contract terms chosen, we do not charge you anything if you decide to cease or migrate your telephone / broadband or fibre service away from us.

We do not charge to upgrade / downgrade your current broadband package to another Broadband package.
The same goes for Fibre packages.
You will only be charged if you upgrade from Broadband to Fibre (£49.50) or Downgrade from Fibre to Broadband (Free) and then decide to upgrade again (£49.50).

We do not charge anything to move your existing broadband service over to us.

Customers moving from Virgin Fibre who do not have a standard Openreach phone line would incur additional charges.

We do not charge customers anything to move away.

We filter sites that have made it onto the IWF blacklist and any websites that we’re required to by UK Law.

We collect payments via Direct Debit on or around the 1st of each month, however bills are sent out via email at least 10 working days before that so you can check them (usually on or around the 16th of each month).

Your first bill will include any additional days from when you went live to the start of the next month. We try to make all our bills are clear and if applicable include line by line itemised calls from the previous month.

Care Level 1 means that Openreach will respond to a line fault that we have raised on your behalf by the end of the next working day and will aim to clear any fault by the end of the next working day +1.
Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays.
Our Home Telephone Lines come With Care Level 1

Care Level 2 means that Openreach will respond to a line fault that we have raised usually within 4 working hours and will aim to clear any fault by the end of the next working day.
Monday to Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays.
Our Business Telephone & ISDN Lines come with Care Level 2

Care Level 3 means that Openreach will aim to clear any line fault by the end of the same day if reported by 12:59pm or by 12:59pm the next day if reported later.
Monday to Saturday, excluding Bank Holidays.
Care Level 3 available as an option on all telephone lines.

Peak times for calls are between 8am -6pm

Evening calls are between 6pm – 8am

SIP Trunking is a method by which business phone systems can make and receive calls using an internet connection instead of a traditional phone line.

In effect a SIP trunk gives you the ability to make or receive phone calls from your office number, anywhere in the world, providing you have a compatible device and a good enough internet connection. (Min 2Mbps Down / 0.4Mbps Up or at least 3G or decent Wi-Fi if using a Mobile or tablet)

You can convert any local number or chose a UK number from any region.
For example: Our original (Totnes Based) number 01803864545 is a SIP Trunk, which made our 2016 office move to Ogwell really easy. All we had to do was point the SIP Trunk to our phone systems new IP address. We even used the APPS on our mobiles to take support calls whilst we moved furniture and set all the machines up.

For all phone related queries, please contact phones@pulse8.co.uk.

All 03 dialling codes are charged the same as 01 & 02 numbers on our fixed Local/National rate. Day = 3.6p/min (3p + V.A.T) Eve = 3p/min (2.5p + V.A.T.)

Unfortunately we do not support this, but our calls are very competitive.

No, we would suggest a Microsoft 365 Mailbox which comes with generous storage with built in spam filters and security. Alternatively, for home users, you may wish to consider a free Outlook or Gmail account so you are never tied into any one provider.

We are Nominet registered and can supply “paid for” domain and web hosting. For more information please visit https://hosting.pulse8.co.uk.

At present we are not able to offer IPv6 addresses.

We aim to provide as soon as all the major networks have rolled it out.

In July 2015, Ofcom changed the way that call charges to non-geographic Service Numbers were structured, to make it easier for people to understand their bills. These numbers started with 084, 087, 09 or 118. Other number ranges (including 03) remained unaffected. Calls made to 084, 087, 09 and 118 are subject to two charges – an access charge and a service charge.

084, 087, 09 and 118 number call charges are now split into an access charge (levied by us) and a service charge (determined by the company hosting the number called). The access charge is as a ‘call charge’ and we have the right to change this at any time.

We charge 3.864 pence per minute (3.22ppm excluding VAT) for all calls made to non-geographic numbers (084, 087, 09 and 118).

Call charges are shown in the itemised part of your invoice (sent monthly in arrears). Charges are made up of the service charge (determined by the company hosting the number) and our access charge and show as one line item on the invoice.

We do not set the service charge; this is set by the company that provides the service or number that you are calling. They are required to advertise the service charge alongside the number. For a guide to how much these charges will be visit Telecom Tariffs